Chapter Mileage Contest

The mileage contest is a members only chapter challenge. The contest is for total miles ridden in the mileage year. The rider may have more than one bike logged and all bikes are added together for the final total. The chapter challenge is the total logged miles of all riders for the year. The challenge is to beat the previous year's chapter total miles.
  • Join the contest anytime during the year.
  • Mileage year starts and ends in October each year.
  • Logging out in October logs you in for the next year.
    Or log out near the end of the mileage year when it is convienent.
Interested in joining the Mileage Contest?
  • Log in bike with following information
    Your name, Year of bike, Model type of bike, Color, Odometer reading
  • Mileage Man needs to see the bike and the odometer or an Officer may perform the duty.
    and forward the info to the Mileage Man to be logged.
  • Log out your bike at the end of the mileage year (October, Wind Down Ride) when it is convenient.
Mileage Man Greg Wilkinson - 314.313.9206
2018 Mens Results
FirstTim Edmonds
SecondDaddy O'
2017 Ladies Results
FirstMary O'Brien16,538
SecondConnie McCormick11,518
Past Chapter Challenge Results
2018936,346 miles
2017614,051 miles
2016356,696 miles
2015434,420 miles
2014514,688 miles
2013545,498 miles
2012646,663 miles
2011665,444 miles
2010753,096 miles
2009634,521 miles
2008502,661 miles
2007333,799 miles
2006288,805 miles
2005293,885 miles
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